Twice the wow factor

2Creative specialise in highly customised and engaging website services designed to captivate your intended audience from the very first visit. We use proven advertising style research and techniques to create websites with wow factor so each and every visitor to your site remembers you and feels an instant sense of trust toward your brand.

Twice as easy to update with 2CMS

Forget 'off the shelf' cheap template products that need either training or extra software to allow you to update the content. We’ve been refining and simplifying our own custom content management system called 2CMS for many years to make it the easiest system in the world. Take full control of your content from anywhere in the world with 2 CMS.

Twice as secure

Hackers and spammers are a growing threat to online businesses and can cost you thousands if they attack your site. Template software such as Joomla, drupal and the myriad of other mass produced website building packages are most at risk as the code is open to anyone. That’s why we’ve developed our own website platform system that offers double the security to help keep the bad guys away.

Twice the longevity for maximum ROI

Our website technologies are designed to maximise the return on your investment by removing the need to ever buy a website as a product that dates in a year or two. The 2Creative website platform is built on proven technologies and built to strict W3C standards. Furthermore, we hand code every client-use version of our website technology to ensure the latest coding techniques. This means you never have to suffer the dreaded ‘throw away’ mentality of template sites because we can update and evolve our system to keep pace with trends in web design.

Twice as bullet-proof

We specialise in developing secure and fully functional database driven sites that are built to be bullet-proof. From e-commerce to custom booking engines to recruitment databases, our experience and skills are second to none and the sky is the limit when it comes to custom web development and database driven technology. Our people are the best which is evident in our work.

  • 2CMS content management system - Edit your own website content with the easiest CMS this side of the black stump
  • 2HOST web hosting - Premium quality speed and reliability for maximum performance and up-time


Twice the visual experience

The highly skilled team behind 2Creative have been supplying premium graphic design and branding services to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Australia wide since 1998. We have provided many graphic design solutions across a wide range of industries from web page graphics to print graphics and have a reputation for unique and brand targeted graphic work.

Twice the brand power - logo design

Remember the rule image is everything? Well your busines logo is no different. A logo is the cornerstone of most leading brands and is an investment into the future growth and success of your cpmpany. Just think of the obvious ones such as - Apple™, Coka Cola™, Nike™, and IBM™. They don’t spend millions on branding and trademarks for nothing. Put simply, great logos work!

Twice the individuality - corporate identity

A corporate identity should be more than just an attractive or cute looking image. Rather, a corporate identity needs to be memorable and unique to your specific needs and market, and more importantly, should visually represent what your business or product stands for to give the viewer a clue of what to expect when coming to you for services or products. Let 2 Creative provide a corporate identity that makes your business shine.

Twice the graphic design services

2 Creative’s clients benefit not only from our leading graphic skills but also from our vast experience in designing for all types of businesses. Our Gold Coast graphic design studio can adapt to almost any industry and through research, experience and hard work, can create the look your small business or company is looking for. We have the experience and skills to provide an image for your organisation that puts you in the lead.

Twice the success rate

Over the years our graphic designers have produced a vast array of creative advertising graphics including business cards, magazine ads, posters, brochures, package designs, and many more. Chances are we have a creative solution for you to. Contact us for more information on how 2 Creative can help your business succeed.

Graphic Design Services Checklist:

  • Branding
  • Logo design
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Stationery
  • Flyer & brochure design
  • Magazine ads
  • Annual reports
  • Web page graphics
  • Print advertising
  • Product concepts
  • Packaging concepts


Search engine optimisation or SEO involves optimising your website for maximum ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. Search engines use automated crawler programs called spiders or robots to crawl the World Wide Web and record or 'index' web pages that have the most relevant information related to the searches we all perform on the Internet. 2Creative on the Gold Coast are highly experienced in search engine optimisation and can help maximise your website ranking.

Google Adwords - Google Adwords is the leading platform for online advertising. Let us save you thousands in wasted clicks with a targeted and refined Adwords campaign.


Everything we do at 2Creative is focussed on the highest quality and web hosting is no different. As a premium level web design Gold Coast business, we insist on high quality, secure and fast web site hosting. Whether your business is on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or any other area in Australia, it makes sense to have your website hosted by a web hosting company that offers the most reliable and cost effective hosting, email and domain name registration services.

Website hosting packages

Because the team behind 2Creative on the Gold Coast have been leaders in website design and web development for more than a decade, we have experienced every kind of web hosting company imaginable and sorted the good from the bad for you. Our web hosting packages are listed as follows and if you're not sure which package is right for you, just ask and we will nominate the best hosting package specific to your needs.

1. Small Business Package 2. Medium Business Package 3. Enterprise Package 4. Corporate Package
Disk Space: 1GB
Data Transfer: 10GB per month
Email Accounts: 20
MySQL Database: 1
Disk Space: 2GB
Data Transfer: 20GB per month
Email Accounts: 50
MySQL Database: 2
Disk Space: 5GB
Data Transfer: 50GB per month
Email Accounts: 100
MySQL Database: 3
Disk Space: 1OGB
Data Transfer: 100GB per month
Email Accounts: 200
MySQL Database: 5